Summer at Black Birch

17 of our 25 homeowners now reside at Black Birch. We recently hosted a summer social/meet-your-neighbor BBQ.

The homeowners were pleased to get to know each other and have planned a weekly get togethers: poker nights and book clubs, to name a few.

The center island Gazebo is now outfitted for neighborhood enjoyment.

Summer at Black Birch.

Now available

We saved the best two home sites for last: #2 and #39 are both end locations with South West exposures. You can see videos of similar style homes on our homepage.

Lastly, for some very exciting news

We have been approved for a new community, just a stones-throw away from Black Birch. Sales commencing fall 2017.

Please contact the sales center if you would like to be added to the priority list — 978-341-8116